This is all part of the plan. The savage demise of the social conscience and the complete destruction of the basic construct that makes up our humanity were both part of a plan put into motion years before pen was ever put to paper. We are not fit for a savior. We like to believe that we are an advanced people because we have developed transportation and communication far beyond the vivid thought process and mere comprehension of primitive man. We worship our technologic advances much like the gods of ancient civilizations. We value social and economic status more than the absolute miracle of human life. We follow the blueprint of what society deems to be a normal existence of obedience and blind consumerism. We fear only what is different from the life we are taught to work for in classrooms. They teach us only what they want us know and hide the information that would cause us to question the authority that governs our will. Fear keeps us working. We work for them. We will always just work.